Pakistani Fashion 2018

Pakistani Fashion Industry

Pakistani Fashion 2018

Pakistani Fashion 2018

The growth of industries in a country is a reflection that a nation is on the verge of doing better than before. Like any other enterprise in Pakistan, the Pakistani fashion 2018 is not left behind. People are working day and night to make it the world’s most significant business. Despite the current conditions of the country, the fashion industry is said to be booming. And it is not what the Pakistanis are saying; it is something even BBC has been reporting from a couple of years now. This business is bringing billions to the country and man that is huge!

The secret to this success is the observation, unique and different ideas by Pakistani fashion artists. They did not even overlook the colorful truck art, and they applied the bright colors to the dresses. The fashion industry gives confidence to the people to look good and beautiful, and to an extent, the industry tries to give people a new and better lifestyle.

In the recent years, the craze of designer dresses, the rage of makeup, the fashion of branded handbags is increasing day by day, and that is undoubtedly going to add up tons to the worth of this flourishing trade. And this is to no surprise that not only women but men are also the followers of the recent fashion trends in the country. They too, like women do not want anything that is too outdated or old, they too want to go after what is new in the market. Menswear, shoes, salons, etc are all set to mold them according to the latest fashion trends set by the industry in the country.

Takeaway Pakistani Fashion 2018

To make the industry globally more acknowledged, efforts are being made, in November 2017 a fashion week was organized in the UK, for this purpose and it won’t allege to say that it was a success. Pakistani fashion magazines like “HELLO” and “SHE” play an essential role in promoting Pakistani fashion all around the world. Not only the fashion shows, the magazines but Pakistani celebrities are also the face of Pakistani fashion all around the world.

The size of the fashion industry is increasing day by day because the middle-class families are trying to upgrade their lifestyle. However, Pakistani Fashion Industry and Design Council (PFDC) CEO Saad Ali is not sure about the size of the industry. He says that the fashion industry is the nucleus around which many industries revolve.

Even though the industry is a huge success, it earns a vast fortune for the country, yet some people do not consider this a good work. Most people are of the view that though the industry talks about women empowerment, their freedom, and their independence, yet they set beauty standards to judge a woman on that and that is undoubtedly not a good thought. While others think that this industry is a threat to one of the world’s oldest cultural civilizations, one should understand, people are not against the growth of any sector be it fashion industry or drama or film industry, they just want decency in the content.

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