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Five Fashion Trends Pakistanis Need to Follow in 2018

These days, all girls are hidden fashionistas. We all look up to other girls and try to catch up with their fashion trends. Sometimes we make our own and let the world follow. After all, we all want to be seen. So I got a few Ideas to rock the fashion trends of 2018 and kill the crowd with them looks.

If you’re a real fashion-following Pakistani, then you have heard about ‘Culottes’

These hyped bottoms are basically loose flappers with or without a knot (a little tip, a knot on the side is never a bad idea). These pants are turning out to be a big eye catcher this season. Wear these with a tucked-in plain shirt or your favorite cut-shoulder top and girl you are going to steal the show!

Kurti or shirt, Denim never gets old.

Like the past, this year to denim sets the trends, but with minor changes. You wear your favorite denim shirt as an upper to a plain white shirt, match it with a denim pant, and you are the queen of the denimland! Also, nothing speaks 2018 better than denim dungarees (wink).

Keep eyeing those dolls wearing them cute little-frilled tops? Well, I got you:

A crop top-sized loose top with frills around the neck is all you need to make heaps turn. These do not only look gorgeous while wearing them but they dilate those pupils just by looking at them. This is a must-have item in your closet this year. In fact, it is an investment!

Birthday lunch, an old friend’s meetup or a hectic work day, a tucked in shirt and a high waist pant will never let you down:

Any old shirts in that last pile of your closet you do not wear anymore just because they are not up to the mark? Why worry when you can tuck them into a high waist pant and the look further enhanced by a slim leather belt? If you are fat and are not comfortable wearing high waist pants or tucked in shirts, DO NOT WORRY! You can still rock the look with a sleeveless long upper! Either floral or striped, these uppers never leave your side. After all, you all are beautiful in all your ways and deserve to clothe according to your comfort.

Oh! Did you think we forgot about our *eastern-only girls*? No, we did not:

Short kurtis with cute plain embroidery and loose frilled sleeves are stealing the show these days. As 2018 is too hot to be wearing dark colors, going with light warm colors is a better idea. I hear spring is singing yellow. Apart from that, not-so-heavily embroidered traditional kurtis are everywhere, taking over the internet like a storm, blue will not give you away (also, the shorter, the better) Either bell-bottoms or cigarette pants will be great matches with these kurtis as both of them are loved by everyone.

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DON’T FORGET that no matter how beautiful your clothes might be, they will never look good unless worn with confidence. So wear your clothes like a crown and light up a room!

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